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Bro. Bobby Decker

The Deckers were missionaries for (12) years, reaching the Youth of America through Public Schools, Good News Clubs, Fairs, Five Day Bible Clubs, and many other avenues!  For (8) years they had the opportunity to be trained by, and work with the Rock of Ages Ministries.  During that time, Bro. Decker was able to help develop the “Character Under Construction” curriculum that is still used in Public Schools across America and around the World!  In May 2012, under the Lord’s guidance, the Decker Family resigned as Rock of Ages missionaries to be sent solely out of Fundamental Baptist Church in Livingston, LA.  For (4) years they were able to develop additional ways to reach people with the Gospel! (i.e. – Fairs, Festivals, Parades, etc.)  In January 2016, once again following the Lord’s leading, Bro. Decker accepted the position of Assistant Pastor at their home church in Livingston, LA!  Then in August of 2018, the Lord opened the door for Bro. Decker to become the lead pastor here at Bethel Baptist Church.

Short Bio – Bro. Decker
Bro. Bobby Decker accepted Christ at the age of 9, and surrendered to God’s Will shortly thereafter.  He grew up in the ministry under his father Pastor Ed Decker.  Bro. Bobby has worked with young people from Kindergarten to 12th grade for over (21 years).  His experience through many years of ministry, has equipped him to work with individuals of all ages.

Short Bio – Mrs. Decker
Mrs. Brandi Decker was also raised in a Godly Christian home.  At the age of 14, while attending Sand Mountain Bible Camp, she realized that she was truly lost and there received Christ as her personal Savior.  Being the oldest of 14 children, Mrs. Brandi received great experience in raising and homeschooling children, which she has incorporated into her own home.  She also has received over (21 years) of experience working with children of all ages.

Bro. Bobby and Mrs. Brandi have been blessed with three children (Katie, Victoria, & Liberty), and one grandchild (Joseph).